Group One Interview Questionnaire

We would like to ask you a few questions in order to get to know you better and also to stimulate some conversation between us about how you intend to start your career in real estate and how Group One might be able to assist you.

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CompanyDatesCompanyDates*Why have you chosen real estate as a career?*What goals do you have in your real estate career?


*Do you plan on working full time in real estate?*How many hours a week do you plan on working?*Do you have a budget for starting your first year in real estate?*Total first year investment?*How do you plan on spending it?*What is the size and nature of your sphere?*Please describe your plan for your first year in real estate?*What do you think the greatest challenges will be the first year?*What are your greatest strengths in creating and running your real estate business?*Please describe what you are looking for in a real estate company?