How To Calculate Market Statistic Trends

The Ada County Market Statistics give you the total residential transactions for the Ada County market, including new construction and resale properties. The following examples are taken from the June 2010 and June 2011 market statistics.


Here are a few trends you can identify.

  1. Inventory: RED ARROWS show the difference between beginning inventory and ending inventory. June 2011 inventory of 2,659 units is 34% below June 2010 inventory of 4,043.
  2. Closings: YELLOW ARROWS show the difference between closings for June 2010 and June 2011. Closings for June 2010 at 760 units is 34% higher than the closings for June 2011 at 665.
  3. Pendings: GREEN ARROWS show the difference between pendings for June 2010 and June 2011. Pendings for June 2010 at 647 units is 33% lower than the pendings for June 2011 at 961.
  4. Months of Supply: ORANGE ARROWS point to the months of supply. Months of Supply = Active Listings / Average # of closed sales each month over the past 12 months. Months of supply for June 2010 at 7.0 is 29% lower than the months of supply for June 2011 at 5.0.
  5. Median Price: BLUE ARROWS point to the median close price. The median close price for June 2010 at $159,073 is 9% higher than the median close price for June 2011 at $145,000.
  6. 10.3% of closings in Ada County in the past 12 months were over $300,000. To calculate this, add the closings over $300,000 (662) and divide by the total number of closings (6419).

There are quite a few analyses you can do in this way by picking a specific area in town and comparing it to last year’s activity or perhaps picking a specific quarter and comparing it to the same quarter last year, etc. Or you might look at new construction only or resale properties only.

You might even want to print out the chart for a certain area of town, analyze it and send it to the people in your database that live in that part of town.