Technology Survey

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Please enter your name?*Contact EmailDo you have a key fob that accesses both Group One offices?Do you know the code to enter the Eagle office front door?Do you know where the emergency lockboxs are located at both offices to access Group One?What kind of computer do you most often use?Are you able to make Color copies?
Are you able to make B&W copies?
Are you able to print in Color from your Personal computer?
Are you able to print B&W from your Personal computer?
Are you able to print in Color from the Workroom computers?
Are you able to print B&W from the Workroom computers?
How often do you log into the GO website?Do you utilize the GO Business Center?Are you using the Group One Client Relationship Management (CRM) program?Have you had the opportunity to import your contacts into the CRM program?Are you able to export your contacts out of the CRM program?
Have you utilized the Document Manager System?

Which programs/services would you be interested in receiving training for?

Would you like "One-on-One" training on any of the programs listed above? "check if yes"
Are there any other systems or programs that you would like classes or "One on One" training for?Have you ordered "Just Listed" or "Just Sold" postcards from the Business Center?Do you utilize your agent webpage on the GO Website? If yes, is there anything we could make better?Do you use your Group One email address or do you use a third-party email provider?Do you receive office emails? "check if Yes"
What program do you utilize to view your Group One email?
On what device do you read most of your email?How often do you read the Daily Update email?
Do you know where you can find faxes sent to the main office number(s) after-hours or on weekends?
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