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Janet Thompson

Janet Thompson grew up in Iowa Falls, Iowa; a small Midwestern town of about 5,000. She graduated with honors,  was named the “most likely to succeed in business” at graduation, and golfed on the Varsity Golf Team. Janet held 3 part-time jobs while in high school, her favorite was as a marketing assistant at Boyd Luggage.

Janet left Iowa Falls and moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa upon graduation, where she attended the University of Northern Iowa and graduated with a degree in Communications and Marketing. After college Janet worked at American Color Imaging, a large photographic processing lab (you know ...back  when people used  film) as a communication coordinator. Eventually she was named the growing company’s Marketing Director. Her stay at ACI gave Janet a fine appreciation for what good photography can do to sell a product!  Janet hires arguably the best photographer in town to photograph all her listings ... at no cost to her clients.

In the late 90’s Janet was offered a position as the Head of Marketing at Martin Bros Food Distributing. A thriving company with over 500 employees and a large marketing and graphics department, Janet was up for the challenge. As well as over- seeing all marketing operations of the company, Janet ran a vendor program and negotiated contracts with food suppliers that profited the company more dollars in advertising revenue  than in selling food.  It was at that time, that Janet realized she loves to negotiate ....and that she is quite good at it!

In June of 1999, Janet married Mike Thompson, a Bishop Kelly graduate who had relocated to Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a business management degree.  At the time they married, Mike was the owner/manager of his family’s 4th generation business Enzler’s Luggage  & Gifts.  The couple moved the business to Boise in 2000,  as Mike missed the town he grew up in.  Together  they ran the luggage store and also branded a purse  store called Juju.  Janet designed the purses and had them manufactured overseas.  Between  Enzler’s Luggage  & Gifts and Juju they ran 3 locations in Boise as well as regional kiosks and an online store.   After the tragic events  of September 11, 2001 and the declining business climate the industry experienced in the next few years...Janet decided to pursue a career  in real estate as a backup plan.

With Janet’s business and marketing background her real estate career  took off with a bang!  Today both Mike and Janet are licensed real estate agents. Janet has won numerous awards  within the real estate community, including the coveted Circle of Excellence Award.  This award puts her in the company of the top 5%  of agents in Ada County.

Currently Mike and Janet live in the East Boise Foothills with their daughter Emma who is 9 and attends Roosevelt Elemen- tary.  They also have a son Rob who is 24, and has ironically moved back to Iowa to take advantage of an electrician appren- ticeship program.   As a family, they take full advantage of the outdoor  lifestyle Boise offers.  They enjoy skiing, hiking, rafting down the river, camping, traveling, golfing and riding their bikes along the Greenbelt.



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