Did you know?

The University of Idaho established its first agricultural experiment station at Aberdeen in the winter of 1911-12. Potatoes are still the most important research crop at the Aberdeen station. The first experiments in those days dealt with seed-piece size, seed spacing, storage, bruising, and fertilizer levels.

North West Boise

The main attraction to Northwest Boise is the mixture of rural and suburban lifestyles. One gets the best of both worlds, being close to downtown yet living on an acre or so. Approximately 16,000 people call this area home.

Throughout history Northwest Boise has been used as a getaway for those who wanted distance from the city and although it has grown slowly for more than a century, it has maintained it’s rural character.

As you may expect, one must be willing to drive a little further to go shopping or see a movie but there are a few choices within a very reasonable distance.

Northwest Boise is served by Boise School District and is fortunate right now to be full of the district’s newer schools because of the availability of the land and the new growth in this area.