Did you know?

Captain B.L.E. Bonneville and his band of French trappers had been traipsing across the dry, dusty Snake River Plain for weeks in the spring of 1833 when they finally spied a verdant valley below. "Les Bois! Les Bois! Voyez lez bois!" (The trees, the trees, look at the trees!) they were reported to have said, and the name stuck. To this day, Boise is known as The City of Trees.

South East Boise

In fact, Southeast Boise is both an old and a new neighborhood. It's everything in between as well. It ranks as Boise's most diverse neighborhood, an eclectic mix of the styles of more than 100 years of Boise's history. That's where it gets its charm: It offers just about everything.

At its far northwest tip is Boise State University's riverside campus and the no-nonsense houses and apartment buildings in the university district. From there, it spreads out in a fan shape, taking in a variety of neighborhoods and retail centers.

Near the university is ParkCenter Boulevard, arguably the prettiest drive in the city of Boise. Clean and green, ParkCenter Boulevard is lined not only with flowering trees but also with shops and offices, including the corporate offices of Albertson's. Before it ends, ParkCenter Boulevard winds along the edge of exclusive riverside developments, including River Run, that many corporate executives call home.

Much of the recent history of Southeast Boise could be termed "before Micron" and "after Micron." The success of the high-technology company and the housing needs of its workers have made Southeast Boise a trendy place to live. In addition, infrastructure development and retail development are occurring near the Micron site.