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Sue Dahlgren

As a licensed Realtor, CRS, ePRO, GREEN, SFR it’s my job to manage the details so that my clients can focus on their wish lists. Thanks to my experience and extensive knowledge about what’s out there, I can demystify the buying and selling process, matching up the right person with the right house in the right place.

I specialize in Boise’s core neighborhoods and clients who value “walking distance” more than “walk-in closets.” It’s not true that you have to sacrifice large closets, but Boiseans know that there are trade-offs to be made when the ideal location is the prime concern.

Although it is true that my license allows me to sell real estate anywhere in Idaho, I’ve chosen to focus on Boise’s favorite neighborhoods. They all have something in common, but they are each very unique places. Not only that, but within these neighborhoods are sweet spots – little gems that not everyone knows about. That’s one of the benefits you get by working with an agent who concentrates on a smaller area.

Historic homes are a passion of mine that began with the 1902 Victorian I loved and lived in for 18 years. I understand the issues involved in purchasing an older home and the potential pitfalls and rewards. I also know how to work within the historic districts. It is important to know what can and can’t be done to the home you are considering.

It’s so satisfying to see Boise’s historic gems renovated in ways that maintain their original charm while building in energy efficiency. In today’s market, making and keeping your home eco-friendly adds to its resale value as well as helping to protect the planet. That’s why I’ve spent years finding contractors and vendors who are committed to keeping it “green” as well as doing top-quality work.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house in Boise, you’re curious about the city’s favorite neighborhoods, historic homes or what’s going on in the local market, give me a call. I’d love to chat.




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