I appreciate Arleen and her work ethic.  She has initiative, sees what needs to be completed, and is task oriented.  Her assistance in my transaction saved me time and effort, I was able to put those to use in a more effective way for my business.  I highly recommend using Arlene to make sure your clients get top notch service, to make sure your transactions are monitored and close in a more efficient manner. -Missy Coman

I have recently used Arleen as my transaction coordinator in the sale of a new Brighton Home in the Tuscany Subdivision.  I highly recommend Arleen. The Brighton Home agents commented on what a great team we have here at Group One. Throughout the transaction, Arleen was on top of every detail.  She was prompt, efficient and pleasant.  She helped select the inspector. Although this was a new home and our buyer and listing agents didn't see the need to have it inspected, the inspector found that the dryer vent was vented into the attic, not to the outside.  This would have caused moisture in the attic and future mold. Arleen helped this transaction flow smoothly and she gave me great peace of mind that every detail was being attended to. -Naomi Aylward

I used to have files of transaction paperwork that took a tremendous amount of time filing, now all I do is send the paperwork to Arleen. She’s fantastic to work with, very quick to respond and great at fine details. I would never want to miss a contract deadline and find comfort knowing Arleen is double checking all upcoming tasks. I’ve gained more clientele focus when Arleen is managing all of the paperwork. If I’m out of town, I know my pending transactions are in safe hands. I never want to let a client down and Arleen makes sure that everything is in place. -Carey Farmer

Arleen joined our team recently to help assist us in our transactions. She is a very ready listener and helper as well as caring with what tasks she is give. Even in her learning curve with adapting to our ways we have been very impressed in eagerness to please, in having a high desire to understand and to represent us professionally with not only our clients but with all the people our transactions involve. We base a high emphases on service to our clients as well as care and Arleen has served us well in every instance. We have appreciated her sincere willingness to serve since we have such a time sensitive business. We would be happy to visit with anyone who may have any further questions. Her wonderful, caring ways, along with being a willing ready learner is what makes her good in her business. -Peggy & Damion Jordan